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The odd thing is that the websites still work. Google, Yahoo, MSN; Slate, Salon, NYTimes.

They don't update anymore, of course, except for Google and those goddamn holiday images. How long until those run out, I wonder.

Probably until the power grid finally breaks down.

It's not that bad here on the top of the old federal building. Great view. Man-trap packed to the gills on the tenth floor. Armory on the 11th. Plenty of food in Chambers.

Of course, getting out has become an impossibility.

The Tenderloin, though, the Tenderloin remains the same: lurching bodies shuffling down the street, ready to pick hungrily at passers-by, though they tend to be more docile now, less prone to random violence amongst themselves. They're still pale and cadaverously thin.

There's a mob of them in Civic Center now, shuffling aimlessly, unsure of where to go. Kind of like the old May Day rallies, but with less music. Unless you count the moans.

Oh, just in case anyone out there is still reading these, send help. A helicopter would be nice. A rewind button would be better.

I'd settle for a National Guard unit if there were any left States-side. Maybe they'd make a nice diversion.

In the meantime, I'll just sit here and BLITEOTW.


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