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The crowd hushed as the speaker approached. She was quite famous, and it was unusual to see her in this region. It was, in fact, unnatural.

"My fellow individuals," she began. "I come before you to warn of the rising tide of collectivism. There are those who would say that it is only together that such as we can accomplish anything. I spit on this."

The crowd murmured to itself. A declaration like this was rare and bold, and some of the younger members of the crowd had heard nothing like it.

"I am no part of a greater organism! I am I alone! I make what I need, and I profit from my ability! If the fruits of my labor are in demand, I demand recompense for them!"

The crowd stirred and rumbled, agitated to action. The speaker knew she had them charged.

"Better to stand on one's own than bow to the myth of the greater good! Rise up, and throw off your chains--"

Her voice cut off in mid-cry as a passing white blood cell ingested her, whatever pearls of objectivist wisdom she had to offer encased in a vesicle even now looking for a lysosome to help it digest her. Lacking any further agitation, the multi-celled organism returned to its nominal state.

"One must know one's audience," murmured a nearby mitochondria who had witnessed the entire spectacle from safely within its cell's walls, "and one's place."


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